Massage Cream


  • Image of Massage Cream
  • Image of Massage Cream

This massage cream is rich and luxurious, moisturizing yet non-greasy. Great for all modalities, including facial massage. As with all Sweetbriar Haven products, our massage cream is cruelty free, made with certified organic ingredients and contains a natural olive wax emulsifier. All water based creams require a preservative - ours is naturally derived and does not contain parabens or other harsh chemicals.

We teamed up with a certified massage therapist to formulate and develop this rich and luxurious cream, ensuring the quality and consistency you demand in your practice. Enhance your therapeutic touch and infuse your clients with the healing power of botanicals from nature. Jojoba, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are just a few of the ingredients that come together to make this the best massage cream you’ll ever use.

While our massage cream is unscented, it carries the pleasant natural scents of the unrefined oils and butters we use. It is customizable in this regard, meaning you can add your own essential oils or fragrances if you wish.