About Us

Sweetbriar Haven started with a simple prayer asking God for a clear path and mission where I could use my passions and gifts to make a difference in my family, our community, and ultimately the world. I had been making handcrafted salves and balms for a while, for both our animals and ourselves, and the more I got into this, the more I could see that there was not only a need for these products, but a need to educate people about the dangers of the toxic personal care products they're buying in the stores. At the same time, I was also impressed with spreading the message of healthy eating. Having been blessed with some acreage of land, we've been growing (organically) much of our own produce over the last few years and it was apparent that healthy eating had to fit in to the equation. It just made sense; show people why eating healthy and using healthy personal care products is essential to their wellbeing, and then give them the tools to do it.

Sweetbriar Haven is dedicated to making natural and holistic bath and skincare products accessible to individuals and families while emphasizing affordability and quality and promoting business practices that respect our community, our earth and our environment. We educate ourselves on a continual basis about sustainable farming practices, traditional plant medicine and natural personal care, and strive share this knowledge with people.

Our bath and skincare products are handcrafted with a love for nature and a passion for the beauty and healing benefits found within every ecosystem. From Shea butter harvested sustainably by farmers in Africa, to the Wild Prairie Rose hips and chokecherries that are hand-gathered on the plains of North Dakota, we seek out only natural, sustainable and fair trade ingredients for our products.